Olivier Raynal

The design, creation, and management of the cv/portfolio of actor Olivier Raynal.

The site consists of an image gallery of the actors’ portraits on the homepage. A CV detailing Olivier’s work and training divided into three parts: Film and TV, theater and voice and training.

You will also find audio and video clips of Olivier’s work.

The site is made on WordPress witl Elementor and the OceanWP theme. 

UK Cannabidiol

The design and management of the blog that details the latest discoveries in the field of CBD.

The idea behind this project is that, while CBD-based products can help many people alleviate their ailments, there is a lot of stigma and misconception about the links between CBD and marijuana.

The secondary purpose of this website is to showcase trusted brands of CBD-based oils and related products in Europe and to provide affiliate links leading directly to the merchant’s website in order to generate sales.

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